How to Replace Your Laptop Charger: Four Options for Every Model


Laptop chargers are notorious for going bad. In some cases, they stop working altogether. In other cases, they fail slowly, losing their charging capacity until your laptop is only getting a fraction of the battery life it should be getting. If you’re in the market for a spare laptop charger, or if your current charger just bit the dust, then you have four options:

  • Find an OEM replacement from the manufacturer.
  • Find a universal replacement charger that will work with any laptop model.
  • Find a compatible third-party charger made by another company.
  • Find a used charger on the second-hand market.

Find an OEM replacement for your laptop charger

If you have a laptop from a major manufacturer like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, or Asus, finding an OEM replacement charger is probably your best bet. These chargers are designed specifically for your model of laptop, and they’ll usually offer the best performance and compatibility. To find an OEM replacement charger, just Google “[your laptop model] OEM charger” and you should be able to find a listing on the manufacturer’s website or at a major online retailer of electronics like NewEgg or Amazon.

If you don’t know your laptop’s model number, don’t worry – it’s usually printed on the bottom of the laptop or on the back of the laptop (near where the power cord plugs in). If you still can’t find it, open up your laptop and look for a label inside that has the model number. If that does not work, you may be able to get your model number from inside Windows or macOS.

Double-check that the charger you’re ordering is indeed compatible with your laptop model. Some manufacturers make multiple chargers for different models of laptops, so it’s always good to double-check before you buy.

Find a universal replacement charger for your laptop

If you can’t find an OEM replacement or if you have a less common laptop model, then your next best bet is to find a universal replacement charger. These chargers are designed to work with any laptop that uses a barrel-type DC power connector. They usually come with several different adapter tips that you can use to connect the charger to your laptop. They often have multiple ports so that you can charge multiple devices at once.

The downside of universal chargers is that they’re not always as powerful as OEM chargers, so you might not get the same battery life from your laptop when using one. Additionally, the adapter tips can be finicky, and you may have to wiggle them around a bit to get a good connection. Nonetheless, universal chargers are a great option if you can’t find an OEM replacement or if you have multiple laptops that you need to charge from a single charger.

If you decide to go the universal charger route, check the manufacturer’s output voltage and amperage requirement for your laptop model. You’ll want to find a charger that matches those requirements to get the best possible performance. You can get this information from the manual that came with your laptop or locate your model on the manufacturer’s website and check the “specifications” section. Also, check that the universal charger specifically supports your make and model of laptop. Universal chargers will usually have a published list of the most common laptops they will work with.

Use a compatible third-party charger for your laptop

Another option is to find a compatible third-party charger made by another company specifically designed for your make and model of laptop. Unlike universal charges, compatible third-party or “aftermarket” chargers are intended to be a direct replacement for your original charger. These chargers are usually cheaper than OEM replacements, and they often have features that OEM chargers don’t have, like extra USB ports for charging phones or other devices. However, they might not be as compatible with your laptop as an OEM charger, and you might not get the same warranty or performance.

As with universal chargers, it’s essential to check the output voltage and amperage of the charger before you buy it to make sure it matches what your laptop needs. You can find this information in the manual that came with your laptop or the manufacturer’s website.

Buy a used charger on the second-hand market

Your last alternative is to find a used OEM charger on the second-hand market, either online (eBay is a popular choice for used items) or offline. This is usually the cheapest option, but it comes with some risks. You don’t know how well the charger has been cared for, so it might not be as reliable as a new charger. You don’t know how long a used charger might last – it could work for years or a day, and most likely, it will be sold to you “as is” with no warranty. Finally, you might not be able to find an exact match for your laptop model, in which case you’ll have to make sure that the charger is compatible with your laptop.

If you decide to go this route, inspect the charger if making your purchase in person to look for any damage. Additionally, check the output voltage and amperage to ensure that it matches your laptop’s requirements. Finally, be sure to ask the seller if they have a return policy if the charger doesn’t work with your laptop or is DOA.


There you have it! Four options for replacing your laptop charger. Be sure to do your research before you buy anything to ensure that you get a charger that’s compatible with your laptop and meets your needs. Thanks for reading!

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