What our clients say about us.

Datacate is the IT provider that human beings love.

Karena Blanton, co-owner of Ride On Powersports

“I appreciate that Datacate is so proactive in managing our IT.”

“A lot of our selling happens via call, text, or email before the customer ever comes to our store. Our sales stop if our technology is down. Datacate ensures that doesn’t happen, and if an issue arises, the problem is addressed quickly.”

Lisa Rose, CFO at Chill-n-go

“The support we receive makes our company run more smoothly.”

“Datacate has substantially improved our IT situation. Everything about Datacate has been superior to our last provider. The cost-to-value ratio, customer support, and communications have surpassed my expectations.”

Gary Shurtz, COO of Solace Enterprises

Datacate has been a game-changer for our business technology.

“The virtual desktops and servers from Datacate provide us with anywhere-access to our data, applications, and computer desktops. Datacate’s solutions have provided us with a secure environment to store and access our data and supply a problem-free environment for all of our staff, wherever they may be.”

Glenn Nudell, Founder/President of GLI

Thank you to Datacate for their hard work and dedication to serving our needs!

“Datacate’s infrastructure has a proven track record of superior uptime. The security enhancements that they offer provide us with confidence in the integrity of systems and data. Datacate’s commitment to personal service has made a big difference in our overall experience and getting to know different people that support our business has been an asset.”

JT Mason, VP of IT, Donor Network West

I would recommend DataCate to anyone looking for solid service with personal attention.

“With site independence, SOC 2 compliance, and HIPAA compliance, Datacate meets our federally mandated recovery requirements. Datacate is a 24×365 operation, just like us. Their staff have been very helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive whenever we have needed remote help.”

Ben Hardt, Founder of Vandelay Industries

Our ongoing relationship with Datacate has been a positive experience.

“We have used the big data centers in the past, and while they have large buildings and large budgets, their prices reflect their higher overhead while the product is nearly identical. Massive big-tech companies operating at a national scale are exactly what we didn’t want. We know the people at Datacate, and they know us. It’s an excellent match for Vandelay Industries.”

Jens Straten, CEO and Founder of Straten Consulting

I have recommended Datacate, and I would recommend them again.

“Datacate provides everything that small and mid-sized businesses need. In fact, when I compare them directly to other vendors targeting the same market segments, I feel that Datacate is the better option. I like the professional communication and expertise from Datacate’s staff, who go out of their way to make sure that we are happy with our service.”

Bob Gobey, Managing Director of Arbor Financial Systems

Datacate has been brilliant – no outages, no network slowness.

“With Datacate, we’ve never had a service quality issue. We are doing more in the Crypto world for hedge funds. Our Crypto PMS demands global 24×7 secure and fast service. We have had no issues and expect none from the Datacate service. It’s a highly complex system, and we trust Datacate’s service to support it.”

Stephen Kristoff, co-owner of Dovos Media

Without Datacate, it would not have been possible to scale.”

“The overall experience has been great: friendly, helpful staff, around-the-clock access, and accommodations for our unique set-up have been a relief. You feel like you have a partner who cares about your success instead of just taking your money.”

Richard Taha, Managing Director of FTA

As a long-term client of Datacate, we are delighted.

“Datacate has provided us with a safe and secure data center, easily accessible from our offices. Security is critical to our customers, so the added physical security is a crucial selling point. We have had a great experience; we cannot recall any outages or service issues.”

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