Managed IT that doesn’t let you down? It’s more affordable than you think.

“Some providers are okay with cutting corners to get your business.”

“With prices set by their vendors, they don’t have much of a choice. We built our offerings, which means we can set competitive prices right from the start. Datacate furnishes turnkey service and support solutions, starting at less than one-half the national average cost, everything included. Save thousands versus hiring in-house.”

“Never worry about training, turnover, or benefits. Your employees may come and go, but we’ll aways be there.”

Damon Brown, Sales & Solutions Consultant

Damon Brown, Sales & Solutions Consultant

Emory Hayes, VP of Client Services

Emory Hayes, VP of Client Services

“The freedom to work from anywhere without fear.

“With remote and hybrid work environments becoming increasingly common, people need to get things done no matter where they are. We’ve answered this challenge with Virtual Desktops. We virtualize each user’s desktop by moving their files and applications to a secure environment in our data center. Users access their desktop and everything they need from any computer, wherever they are.”

“Virtual Desktops protect your organization’s data because the important stuff resides in our secure data center, not on users’ devices. If a device is lost or stolen, we disable access and provision a new one. Your critical applications and data are unaffected.”

Plans & Pricing

Getting Started


per month

Essential services to get you up and running quickly.

  • 12 user seats (expandable)
  • MSP Support Bundle
  • Physical Desktops
  • Continuous Data Protection backups
  • Cybersecurity protection



per month

PREMIUM tools to support your continued growth.

  • 12 user seats (expandable)
  • MSP Support Bundle
  • Virtual Desktops
  • Continuous Data Protection backups
  • Cybersecurity protection
  • Advanced anti-threat networking
  • Email, messaging, and productivity groupware
  • VoIP & PBX bundle

Made to Order

Call Us

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Roll your own CUSTOM- tailored solution.

  • 16 user minimum
  • Starter or Growth package
  • Add as needed:
    • Enhanced support
    • Enhanced security services
    • Enhanced networking services
    • Data center services
    • Consulting services
    • More
The rates shown are based on current fees for services and licensing, subject to change without notice. Setup fees and equipment fees can apply depending upon services selected. Contact Datacate to obtain a detailed service proposal for your specific needs.

“Never trust a cook who won’t eat their own food.”

“Other IT providers are just resellers and middlemen for big IT vendors. Our business runs on the same technology and tools that we furnish to you. We would never ask you to trust a system that we would not trust ourselves!”

“Datacate started by building our own infrastructure from the ground up, and that puts the accountability and control where it should be – directly with your IT point of contact.”

Erinne Roeben, IT Support Specialist

Erinne Roeben, IT Support Specialist

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