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“Working with Datacate improves your overall sustainability.”

“When you’ve done everything to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency, there’s one more step you can take: demand the same from your vendors. Datacate is a certified Sacramento Area Sustainable Business and a two-time winner of the BERC Sustainable Business of the Year Award. Our business operates under an end-to-end model of waste reduction, energy recapture, and reuse/recycling. From automatic path-of-travel LED lighting, to heat exhaust recovery, to free e-recycling for our clients, Datacate is an acknowledged leader in green data center operation.”

Chris James, CEO of Datacate

Chris James, CEO of Datacate

Climate Wizard Supercool air chilling units on Datacate’s roof

Datacate Keeps It Cool With Climate Wizard

Datacate partnered with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) in a pilot program to revolutionize data center cooling using ultra-efficient Climate Wizard air conditioning technology. An array of Climate Wizard Supercool units on our data center roof deliver prechilled air to our facility at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional air conditioning units.

SMUD received the 2017 Energy Innovator Award from the American Public Power Association for its work with Datacate on the Climate Wizard project. Datacate received 2018’s BERC Sustainable Business of the Year Award for the project.

Sustainability Initiatives

Cooling: Datacenter

  • Cold containment aisles deliver chilled air exactly where it’s needed
  • Climate Wizard Supercool pre-chilled input reduces conventional A/C usage by up to 90%
  • Baffling and sealing under the raised floor to prevent cold air leakage
  • 1990s-era CRACs replaced with modern high-efficiency units
  • Sensor monitoring of input and exhaust temps throughout the data center

Computers & Networks

  • Upgraded legacy network core with more efficient equipment
  • Use ENERGY STAR computers & electronics where possible
  • Replaced spindle drive storage arrays with solid-state drives (SSDs)
  • Power down idle and decommissioned equipment

e-Recycling Program

  • Provided as a free service to customers
  • Repurpose or recycle old computers, monitors, and other electronics
  • Harnesses, plastics, and metal also recycled
  • Hard-drive degauss (bulk erasure) and destruction

Heating & Cooling: Office & Warehouse

  • Programmed thermostat with energy-efficient settings
  • Delivery of dissipated heat from the data center to office & warehouse
  • HVAC filters changes, system inspection, and maintenance regularly

Heat Island Reduction

  • Cool Roof coating to reflect solar heat
  • Incorporation of light colors in the exterior facade


  • Replaced interior fluorescent lighting with LEDs
  • Replaced exterior floodlights with LEDs
  • Path-of-travel lighting in data center and office common areas minimizes lighting usage
  • Lights-out policy in unoccupied office spaces

Passive Thermal

  • Filled in unneeded windows to reduce thermal leakage
  • Replaced seals around windows
  • Installed darkening shades to cut down on solar heat in Summer
  • Installed ceiling insulation in warehouse
  • Sealed joints in concrete walls

Power Infrastructure & Delivery

  • Replaced 1990s-era facility transformers and UPS
  • Replaced 1990s-era facility backup generator
  • Standardized on 208V supply wherever possible

Travel Reduction

  • Pre-pandemic systems and policies to support work-from-home
  • Most managed IT support services delivered remotely
  • Located close to the light rail station
  • Carpooling supported (when deemed safe again)
  • On-site exercise area, lockers, shower

Waste Reduction

  • Office is paperless wherever possible
  • Reusable dishes and utensils instead of disposable serving ware
  • Filtered water on tap instead of bottled water
  • Drip-brewed coffee instead of single-use pods
  • Purchases made in bulk to reduce packaging

Water Usage: Interior

  • Installed high-efficiency toilets, faucets with flow regulators
  • High-efficiency dishwashing machine for serving ware
  • Inspect and maintain to prevent leaks and drips

Water Usage: Exterior

  • Upgraded to low-water landscaping and ground cover
  • Regular inspection and maintenance to prevent leaks
  • Low-flow drip irrigation wherever possible
  • Removed excessive shrubs and greenery

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